Shocking:”Titus Seruga aka ESO Guy Reveals Tom Voltaire Okwalinga’s Real Identity”

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, Makerere University Legal Director throws in towel

After a heated social media war that has both Parties looking suspicious Titus Seruga aka ESO GUY has taken up an opportunity in an attempt to reveal TOM Voltaire Okwalinaga’s Real Identity and much more details .

On his social media following he has taken time to release what he terms as the real identity of Reknown Secret Political critic and Brain master behind top archives around the country.


As promised here is TVO Aka Tom OKWALINGA aka Kaweesi Roland aka Kalyango Robert.

The names Kalyango Robert are new to many they are His friend’s names in the UK that TVO has used them for his studies and work for the past seven years, his address in the UK is registered under these names basically he is using these papers.

The Names Kaweesi Roland are his true names, a few people know him as Roland simply because he fronts the names in work papers.

Mr. Kaweesi Roland’s parents came to Uganda from Rwanda with him as a kid, the father since disappeared, but the mother is in the UK with him. Kaweesi writes very good Kinyarwanda in his inbox an doesn’t write Luganda, on phone he doesn’t speak good Luganda but tries, his ex girl and mother to his two kids is originally from Rwanda. (Information about this two kids and the grand mother will be withheld to protect their privacy).


Why have Ugandan Authorities failed to arrest TVO or to expose his true Identity?

1. The State has never been that interested in TVO since the fall of Mbabazi, TVO used to post articles authored by Mbabazi in the early days, those who want to prove this should go back to his nice well articulate posts 7 years ago, then TVO account was not very popular, TVO even stayed in Amama’s London House before. Now he writes ten sentences in capital Letters no justification, no elaborations and no reasons, you may notice he never releases any new intel but basic things.

2. State Institutions used his attacks on the first family to spend government in form of investigations to capture him, at one point UG police spent upto 200 million on a TVO report which was 100% fake, surprisingly when they got to him they decided to use him against their opponents. Kyoka Kayihura.

3. Intelligence bodies also have their reports on who was TVO but non had proof of his identity, in fact these reports where placed on the presidents table to satisfy him but with no facts.

Unearthing TVO aka Kaweesi Roland

The informant has for the last two years invested time and resources trying to find who TVO was, this desire started from his own defamation stories against Titus Seruga for fear that he would occupy his space on social media.

The concept was simple, Feed him with fake news and then procure his identity, everyone has a weakness so are his informers. Hiding your identity becomes a waste of time if you don’t leave on the island alone.

Mr. Kaweesi who is probably the richest Ugandan blogger has a money weakness, he spends a lot on beautiful girls, he compensates his not so good looking face with a beautiful girl on his side. You can only do this by spending more than the nice looking brothers.

During my investigation I focused on his content history and present content, I discovered that there is no day TVO has ever attacked Amama, never even at his weakest point, then during the early days TVO’s content had a lot of analysis, the author used better English and was more elaborate.

After TVO and Amama separated TVO got Baroza, be reminded the TVO became more visible after exposing audios of General Kale planning against Amama. This made TVO a star but now considering he was working for Amama we know the source, it was Baroza’s priority task to turn TVO against Amama to Kayihura, with the kind of money involved TVO turned.

The Emergence of Titus Seruga on the social media scene didn’t go well with the Kayihura group, after many attempts to turn Seruga into their asset. Failure to achieve this sent TVO to attack. His first attack was blocked by Segujja, I knew Segujja was feeding Him with fake news that I was sending through so when he attacked me Segujja quickly asked him to leave me and indeed he left it at that.

The biggest break through was when I had a meeting with victims of Kayihura’s return of refugees in Brussels. We prepare a petition to ICC and the victims agreed to remove Segujja Joseph Patrick from the list of witnesses. This immediately sparked war between Segujja, Elizabeth and Titus. They assumed that this decision was made by seruga alone so they decided to fight back by providing information to TVO and set him up for a fight.

TVO went straight into celebrations not knowing he was getting the wrong information, his first posts actually exposed a very innocent man, late he was put on the right track but still with cooked Up stories.

Enter the real TVO

These attacks exposed his weaker side, the girls he has dated, normally when you fight avoid having issues with your ex not cleaned up, after getting an intelligence report authored by Uganda Police, the suspected TVO was a very good writer called Shaka, this person had nothing in common with TVO, Shaka was being persecuted by Kale as his cover and justification for his expenditure. There was no IT report on record or scientific evidence to prove Shaka was TVO. I rubbished this report.

The True TVO is Kaweesi Roland, when I exposed this name, he TVO made threats to his ex girlfriend and mother of his kids. Funny enough I had a hack on her Ugandan Number, the lady quickly ran back to the UK for fear of her safety in Kampala. This provided more proof of TVO real identity, furthermore somehow the lady reached out to me for help and she confirmed more details. I am now at liberty to share some evidence and preserve the rest for future publications.

Picture attached is TVO aka Kaweesi Roland, and proof that he threatened his ex for talking to me.

I have no mercy for a guy who thinks he can attack me at will and expect me to keep quiet with his defamation. Watch Me.

To be continued ….


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, Makerere University Legal Director throws in towel, Makerere University Legal Director throws in towel

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, Makerere University Legal Director throws in towel