Shudir Stages great reward for Any one who knows Tom Voltaire Okwalinga’s Address

Indian City Businessman Sudhir Ruparelia has promised ‘great rewards’ for anyone who will help trace social media critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO) as he accuses him of being an extortionist.

“TVO is an extortionist. Who can find his home address in London/UK — where he is staying illegally. Great rewards awaiting,” Sudhir wrote on social media.

TVO is a popular social media critic who writes hard on allegations and criticizes Museveni’s government.

His identity might have been revealed by Seruga Titus who exposed him as Kaweesi Roland and sometimes Kalyango Robert.

Sudhir offers ‘great rewards’ for information on TVO’s  Adress.


Why is Sudhir looking for TVO?

In a series of submissions on social media, TVO has come strongly to make damning allegations against the businessman.

TVO now claims that Sudhir is being investigated by the Indian community following the mysterious death of his auditor who reportedly exposed fraudulent activities.


On Tuesday, just hours after the businessman offered to reward anyone who knows where TVO lives, the wanted took to Facebook to allege that the Indian ambassador has directed speedy investigations.


In 2016, TVO made serious allegations against lawyer Fred Muwema accusing him of accepting a bribe to stage manage a break-in into his office to steal evidence that dealt a blow to his client Amama Mbabazi’s presidential election petition.

Muwema sues Facebook challenging it to reveal the identity of TVO saying he was defamed by a number of his posts on Facebook.

Facebook opposed revealing his identity without a court order


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