Singer Grenade Kidnapped On Gunpoint By God’s Plan Over bonking Sheilah Gashumba

Latest and shocking info indicates that singer Grenade was picked like a chicken thief on gun point by Sheilah Gashumba’s boyfriend, God’s Plan.

It is alleged that God’s Plan kidnapped Grenade for a full day only to be saved by his lover Maggie, who followed up and filed a case with police.

Grenade had tipped Maggie that God’s Plan had invited him to his apartment regarding issues related to dating her and Jose Chameleone threats. God’s Plan claimed that Chameleone was not happy that his late brother’s baby mama, Maggie was dating Grenade.

Our reliable source landed on screenshots, audios and videos proving that indeed God’s Plan had kidnapped Grenade.

From the same source, it is believed that God’s Plan could have had plans of ending Grenade’s life since he suspected him of bonking his girlfriend but his well calculated moves were foiled by Maggie.

View Screenshots Here

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