Singer Kenzo in more trouble as Rita Kagwa promises to leak his Nudes with Pia Pounds

Following the recent burst out between London based Ugandan Facebook blogger one Rita Kaggwa and musician Eddy Kenzo, the situation is getting tense every other hour as their relationship became bitter.

Issues that started with personal affairs went to family and now has reached Kenzo’s other side of life ‘Big Talent’.

The latest is that there is rumour of leaking secrets of Pia Pounds’ nude photos with Kaggwa affirming that she this morning received nudes of Pia Pounds that is to psychologically torture and humiliate Kenzo after their recent fall out.

Kaggwa in her Facebook post asserted that she received the n#des that flooded her inbox and claimed not to have known the Pia Pounds was signed to Big Talent.

As much as many critics say that the two parties are seeking public attention, word coming in has it that Kenzo had initially been intimately good friends with Ritah Kaggwa whose relationship became sour and never worked out.

Word has it that Kenzo’s reunion with Salma who is currently in the States is the origin of the conflict

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