Stella Nyanzi rejects to be released, Wants Museveni To Witness In Court

Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a woman of steel. While appearing in court today over charges of alarming, annoying and ridiculing the person of the president contrary to Section 24 of the Penal Code Act, Makerere University lecturer, Dr. Stella Nyanzi rejected to be released on bail!

Damn! Who does that? Stella Nyanzi is haunted by a series of poems she posted on Facebook in which she reportedly insulted President Museveni’s late mother.

The poems posted on Stella Nyanzi’s Facebook page on September 16 – a day after President Museveni’s birthday was laced with vulgarity and seemingly targeted president’s late mother Esteri Kokundeka. Speaking in court, she dared the president to testify against her.

“Those who feel offended have offended us even the more.I find myself not guilty of these trumped up charges. I can’t surely see how Museveni can be offended by mere writings by a woman on Facebook. I would like him to come to this court and prove the extent to which he is offended. Let him come and look me in the eyes and testify against me. It amuses me to hear that my writings offended Esteri, who is supposedly a dead woman but the same Museveni is on record for violations of several human rights”, she stated. 


When asked if she is interested in bail as the State investigates her case, “I am not interested in bail. What are they investigating, Facebook posts? I’ll go to Luzira and be there with those ladies, and teach them how to write on Facebook.”

The case has been adjourned to November 20.

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