Tamale Mirundi Lists People Museveni Needs to Silence People Power’s Bobi Wine

Senior presidential advisor Tamale Mirundi has described former presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye as a gone and forgotten political actor.

Speaking while appearing on Top Radio on Monday evening, Tamale stated that Besigye no longer has anything new to offer Ugandans therefore should not waste people’s time trying to seek for reelection on a position he has lost four consecutive times.

Tamale says that the arena now needs new people that can appeal to different groups of people and with hope of bringing triumph home.


He also mocks the ruling party faction claiming that the entire opposition force as a disorganized group of people. He says these people lack logic and a clear interpretation of real issues.

Tamale insists that though opposition groups are many in number, the truth is that they know what they want and though they seem not united, taking over power is top on their agenda.



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