Tamale – “Whoever supports Museveni is hit by friendly Fire”

President Museveni’s advisor on media affairs Mr. Joseph Tamale Mirundi has credited the efforts of the current Secretary General Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba saying that she has worked better than his predecessor in the reviving the party from the ditch it had been plunged into.

Appearing on the NBS-TV   in his one on one show with Tamale, Mr. Mirundi said that “Whoever supports President Museveni is hit by friendly fire , he further explained that all those in supports of the president are there for personal benefit intentions though they try to hide them in the first place.

Tamale further compared Lumumba and Former Premier Amama Mbabazi where he said what had helped Hon. Lumumba to maintain her role is that she doesn’t bear any political ambitions so she is focused on her job to improve the party unlike her predecessor Amama Mbabazi.

He said, “President Museveni couldn’t bear Hon. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi because he had started working towards his downfall and eying his seat even when he was still working under him unlike Hon. Lumumba.

When the best man becomes interested in the bride then he seizes to be one, the president has chosen you among the 40 million people to help him to consolidate power not remove him.

There something that Hon. Amama Mbabazi did and that’s why he was fired. Hon. Lumumba has worked hard and defeat all the mafia forces fighting her. I was happy she defeated Tai Odoi and the mafias behind him pants down in Busia.”

Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba is the current secretary general of the national resistance movement a position she was appointed to on the 23rd December 2014, replacing Amama Mbabazi. She is also one of the longest serving secretary generals this party has had.

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