Thats my dream team: Lionel Messi Reveals the team he wants to join after Barcelona

After finishing the season with Barcelona Leo Messi went to Buenos Aires to join his national side teammates in preparation for the 2018 World Cup

• In an interview with Pasión por el Fútbol Messi discusses his future career

“It becomes more and more clear that Barcelona will be my only team in Europe,” Messi admitted.

“After that, I have always said that I want to play football in Argentina but I don’t know if it will happen. I have it in mind.

“I’d like to live it, be it for six months or a few matches but I don’t know. One never knows. My dream was to play for Newell’s [Old Boys] as a kid, going to the matches with my dad, my brothers, my friends… After that; circumstances in life took me elsewhere but I still have that in mind.”

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