Titus Seruga Shuts Down Andrew Mwenda On His “Inside Uganda-Rwanda Conflict Missive”

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Mr Andrew M Mwenda this is in response to your post titled “Inside Rwanda-Uganda Conflict.”

I am saddened to read from a person I highly respected as a nationalist and an intellectual for long, am inclined to think that your account was hacked to misrepresent your position in this conflict.

1. You have rightly highlighted that Rwanda has formally and informally complained to Museveni about Uganda’s support for elements against Paul Kagame, you also wrongly assert that Uganda has not made any complaint you know of against the Rwanda Regime.



Last updated: June 25, 2021 - 4:14 am (+00:00)

Mr Mwenda, am sure you are aware of the PRA Rebels that were regrouping to fight in Uganda and it’s leadership base, am also sure you are aware that these rebels were fully supported by Kagame and that Museveni presented proof of these claims to Kagame.

This is the time the two leaders agreed not to fund rebels and this led to the arrest of most PRA rebels and prosecution of KB. Am sure you are aware of the fact that Uganda agreed to actually hand over Rwandan rebels on condition they would be provided with a fair hearing and on condition Rwanda had genuine criminal cases against them.


Last updated: June 25, 2021 - 4:14 am (+00:00)

Am sure you know that this lead to the running away of most Kagame opponents from Uganda. So if you know the history then why are you ignoring these facts? Why are you even forgetting that Mayombo was part of these negotiations and Kagame demanded he should be moved from CMI, are you also forgetting that Museveni has dropped some of his close generals just in the interest of Kagame?

2. You talk about Kagame’s commitment to Talks with Museveni, but you don’t tell people why he is committed to these talk and why is he pushing for talks yet he acts differently. In your long narration full of misplaced facts, you even relate to US and Israel relations that you claim never go wrong despite the actions of one partner not being good at times.


Last updated: June 25, 2021 - 4:14 am (+00:00)


Are you justifying actions of Kagame including Crimes against Humanity i.e illegal repatriation of refugees, committing murders in a neighbouring country, attacking forces of partners with executive orders?

There is no record of Uganda ever attacking Kagame, but there is a record of Kagame forces attacking Ugandan forces and killing them twice in Kisangani 1 and 2 where the two forces were assumed to be partners.

If it was another President Kagame would be no more, Museveni is so cool on Kagame, the attack on Ugandan Bases by Rwandese forces was an order from Kagame himself Museveni has this intel from credible sources, the killing of Generals in Ugandan forces was ordered by Kagame himself and again Museveni knows this.

For your information, Museveni is aware that Kagame grew up in your area and your family played a big role in raising him, it’s not by mistake therefore that he allowed you to talk to Rwanda well knowing your relationship this is why President Museveni kept classified information away from you.

While writing you missive you released what can be termed as *privileged information* that you accessed while performing national duties for both countries, to my surprise you don’t see the danger in this or you don’t understand that had Uganda told you more than you know you would have used it against Uganda now, you were acting as “a Doctor” treating two patients “Uganda and Rwanda” going by your own revelations, I, therefore, think that you shouldn’t have disclosed patient information unless permitted by both patients.

Am inclined to think the Kagame has permitted you to release this information but doubt Uganda has done the same. so in whose interest did you write your post?

Mr Mwenda What Kagame wants is simple, talk to Museveni because his Cold War has not paid off, his activities in Uganda have been exposed and crippled, his only play is to come clean and hand over his tools hoping that Museveni does the same, this is the same game he played way back.

Museveni is not willing to talk because he already knows he has won part one, he knows it’s his time to strike, he knows that if he doesn’t end this Kagame game now he will leave Uganda down hence undoing the little he has built, Museveni knows that his only play is to leave Uganda peaceful but that won’t happen if Kagame still holds influence and can overflow government at anytime. Museveni has decided the time has come and it’s now to take the move against Kagame that has always disrespected him.

Kagame has sent people to meet Museveni and ask for a meeting between two leaders, yourself Mwenda Inclusive, the others are Bob Kabonero, Winnie Byanyima and Tony Blair and more recently was the Tanzanian President who rejected the suggestion. You know very well that you were denied access plus your number blacklisted from the switchboard. What Kagame can do is talk to those forces in Rwanda he calls enemies, for a fact I know he is looking for people to help him talk peace with Kayumba why don’t you Mwenda make yourself useful?

Mwenda unless you have not been in Uganda but there is overwhelming evidence that crime in Uganda has been sponsored by Kagame, by prosecuting Police officers that participated in abducting and Killing of refugees on behalf of Rwanda Museveni took a bold decision to tell Kagame that “am tired of your mind games” Museveni has been making direct statements at Kagame for over two years while addressing Ugandans, he has been saying “no one will destabilise Uganda” for more than two years, have you been on holiday abroad?

Museveni has witnesses Guarded heavily by Ugandan forces that have participated in Kagame’s plan to cause chaos and destruction of Kampala. Now that Kagame has no escape route, he is playing a victim, it’s too late to play victim because the old man documented all your plans, he took time to examine every move Kagame Made and your future moves. Museveni knows Kagame’s 2022 and 2019 plans. Kagame has received advice from Sudan why not take it?

Lastly to Mr Mwenda just know that Uganda is ready when duty calls people will show you how tired they have been with Rwanda’s aggression. Kagame asked his generals if they are ready for war, let him honestly tell you the response he got from them, only then you can respond to me.

Author: Seruga Titus

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