Titus Seruga Spills shocking secrets about Kawukumi in MTN,Rwanda listening to calls in real time”

Security Agencies arrested and deported two high level MTN employees on espionage charges.

Ms Annie Bilenge Tabura MTN’s general manager, Sales and Distribution and Olivier Prentout the Chief Marketing Officer (MTN) have been providing sensitive National Security information to Rwanda using their positions in MTN.

On this wall(Titus Seruga’s timeline) last year I told Ugandans exclusively that MTN was being used by Rwandese Directorate of Military Intelligence to spy on High Value Targets in Uganda. This prompted ISO To Raid MTN Uganda, the then acting Chief Executive Officer a powerful Katamba is a Kawukumi who still hold a high position in MTN.

MS Annie Bilenge Tabura is a Rwandese Citizen who was working as General Manager Sale and Distribution, this allow gave her access to a lot of information considering his MTN systems access. In another high level position has been Olivier Prentout also working for Rwanda. More arrests of kawukumis will continue in MTN and other institutions.

What happened is that a section of employees were recruited and positioned in sensitive positions with access to very important information, this information was being channeled to Rwanda through Annie Bilenge on a weekly basis as she traveled to visit family back home.

Also being investigation according to a source, is access to call records systems, it’s alleged that Rwanda has full access to call records and GPS locations of high profile individuals in government and security, this is done in real-time.


Those who who doubted my early story about Rwanda using MTN there you go with proof now. Today Uganda Police has come out to issue a statement thanking ISO for unearthing these high level criminals.

But tell me do you need expatriates in those two positions?? Sales and Distribution??? Plus Marketing with all the guys with have around, who recruited these two in the first place?


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The author is Titus Seruga


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