Tom Volataire Okwalinga Attacks Museveni:”There is No More Tribalistic Person Than you, and that is why you gave billions to fellow Bahima Generals”


In his words Tom Voltaire Okwalinga  perfectly comes out and condemns President Museveni on his comments about loss of  Rukungiri parliamentary seat to opposition, here he goes

“I have just read your statement in which you blamed tribalism for your rejection and that of your party in the Rukungiri election. The truth is that you have never won a free election anywhere and every time the people have a chance to guard their vote, you lose automatically .


On the issue of tribalism, there is no more tribalistic person than you, and that is why you gave billions to fellow Bahima generals, Muhwezi and Tumukunde to enrich themselves and sidelined the Bakiga/Banyankole local nrm leaders

president museveni vs tom volataire okwalinga

.And also sidelined people like Kasuule Lumumba who remained in Kampala taking a low profile.So in short the people of Rukungiri sent a clear message that they are not for sale.I am told Tumukunde made billions from the election funds and has just purchased land in a place called Kyafoora for 600 million.”


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