Political Activists and president museveni critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga has today come on the rise after he felt unsatisfied with the effect-ion of the social media tax.He went on to express his opinion in an attacking manner over the presidents actions by  releasing a furious article on his social media accounts that reads below.

“He (President Museveni) needs money for the upkeep of his other children who live in Canada and Australia.He needs the money to maintain his expensive team of German doctors. he needs money for his 50 fleet of cars that include ambulances and state of the art toilet.he needs the money to maintain maximum security around his children and grandchildren who cost the taxpayer 650 million on daily basis. he needs the money to maintain huge balance in his bank accounts that are based on the offshore banks.

it is the duty of you the citizen of uganda, to service the well being of yoweri museveni as your own families go hungry, as your own children are locked away from school due to lack of school fees, as you continue to die from simple and curable diseases, and as you are now prevented from communicating easily and receiving money from relatives due to the imposed taxes, on social media and mobile money..

question is: who has the power according to the constitution? ofcourse we the people. and as long as we surrender and accept this power to be taken away from us by the dictator, we can as well resign to the ¨fact that he can screw this country to shreds and get away with it.

whatever political affiliation you subscribe to, the museveni virus will reach your homestead, and you will not escape from all the difficulties caused by his unpopular and exploitative policies. so fellow citizens, keep your ears on the ground, this month of july must be a make or break for the dictatorship. together we shall shine or sink.



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