Top 5 Car Brands With the Lowest Maintenance Costs

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The cost of maintaining a car is just as important as the price.  It should be one of the core considerations you take into account before buying a car.

That said, how do we tell that a model has an affordable maintenance budget?  The price of the brand is a good indicator of how much it will cost you to maintain. Just as the cost of spare parts, servicing, repairs and insurance included.

Low maintenance cars mean there are readily available mechanics and technicians who can handle repair and servicing requirements.  

Let’s look at the top five brands that carry the trophy for low maintenance costs. 

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  • Toyota


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On top of the list is Toyota.  It has the lowest maintenance costs compared to other brands. Through their ToyotaCare Setup, Toyota has free maintenance for all their new cars for the first two years of purchase or the first 25,000 miles.

This offer stays with the specific car and is transferable to a new owner within the warranty period.  Some low-maintenance popular cars include Toyota Fielder, Probox, Prius, Vitz, Harrier, etc.

Toyota has set trusted service centres spread across the world to facilitate low costs to their brand.  Now you know why they say the car in front is always a Toyota!


  • Mazda


Mazda has authorised collision and repair centres across the world though not as popular as Toyota.  They offer professional service and repair for all of their models. 

Mazda models come with a warranty period that they offer for use during the repair or service period.

The basic service charges for all Mazda models are low compared to other brands.  The company recommends the Mazda users get a minor servicing every 12 months or after 10,000kms for smaller cars and 15,000kms for the bigger cars. 


  • Honda


Honda is also a low maintenance brand that most people love.  Honda Accord costs the lowest when it comes to maintenance costs.  The company provides comprehensive guidelines for each model to facilitate good care and maintenance for each car.

For every Honda model, you receive a service guideline with its purchase telling you when the car will be due for service.  These guidelines accurately inform car owners of the best way to maintain their vehicles based on good driving habits.

To reduce these costs even further, Hyundai advises the car owners to use unleaded fuel, avoid sudden starts/stops and avoid driving on uneven roads.


  • Hyundai


Hyundai is the best performer when it comes to warranties and after-sales service.  This has a direct impact on lowering the car’s maintenance costs.   

The company offers a ten-year warranty period for the first 100,000 miles or a five-year for 60,000 miles warranty.  They also added another complimentary warranty onto this already attractive warrant program of 3 years or 36,000 miles.

So far, Hyundai has been one of the brands with the most attractive warranties in recent years.  These warranties go a long way in alleviating maintenance costs, especially if you purchase a new car. 


  • Suzuki


Suzuki models are some of the least expensive cars to buy and maintain with average repair costs.  Their models are the most reliable vehicles on the market alongside other Japanese makes like Toyota and Honda.

Suzuki has a low service payment plan it offers its customers to service your new car for up to 3 years.  They guarantee that your vehicle is only serviced by their trained technicians using Suzuki Genuine Parts.  


Modern consumers are more attracted to a car’s reliability over other factors of the brand.  Manufacturing the most miniature expensive cars is the way to go in 2021 and beyond. What other brands are low maintenance?

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