Look?: Tumwine Gives Reasons Why Besigye Does Not Receive Heroes Day Medals

Today Security minister General Elly Tumwine gave  the reasons as to  why they have never given former FDC president Kiiza Besigye a Heroes medal is because he is ever in prison.

Tumwine said this at the media centre today during an interaction with the media in a question and answer session. Tumwine said that one of the criteria for one to get a medal is good conduct which has eluded Besigye because he is ever in prison. Tumwine added that Besigye also has a lot of unfinished business in court, so,  such a person cannot be awarded.

Gen. Tumwine noted that the awards committee goes through a rigorous process to vet and confirm personalities to be awarded and after, they send the list to the president to sign as a symbol of acceptance to those to be awarded. Besigye is one of the bush war heroes who fought in the war that brought the current government. As a trained doctor, he was treating the soldiers who got injured during the war.


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