Two shot dead at Dr Kizza Besigye’s petrol station

Two suspected robbers were Saturday evening shot dead at Opposition leader, Dr Kizza Besigye’s Total fuel station in Nsambya, a Kampala suburb.

Dr Besigye said the two were shot by security officers in civilian attire as their vehicle was being fuelled by the pump attendants.

“What I have been informed is that some vehicle came and parked at the lower side of the fuel station. And at some stage, a person came out of that vehicle and alerted our staff who were on the forecourt here that something may happen here and that they should remain calm. He went back to the vehicle but they (staff) did not know what it was all about. A while later, another vehicle came to the forecourt parked there and asked for fuel for Shs20, 000 and paid.

But as they were trying to fuel that vehicle, men emerged from the vehicle that had been parked down there with guns. They were in civilian attire,” Dr Besigye told NBS TV.

He said the armed men shot at the two occupants of the vehicle that was being fuelled.


“They came and attacked the people who were in the vehicle that was being fuelled. They shot one dead inside the vehicle. The other one jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run but he was also shot. Later on, they took the bodies away,” added the former presidential contestant.

“It is reported that they had had intelligence that the ones who were shot were part of a robbery plan that was intended to rob the fuel station. This is the preliminary information that I have. I have not yet talked to people that were involved in the operation. The station was then sealed off. There were many security people here including those from the military, police and other security agencies.”

By the time of filing this story, Kampala metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Mr Luke Owoyesigyire said he was still gathering details.


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