Uganda Deports 2 Senior MTN Staff Including Rwandan For Spying on Intelligence Organs

Two top executives of   telecom giants MTN Uganda have been deported over alleged involvement in espionage. Following last week’s terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya  in which over 14 people were killed by Al Shabab terrorists, Ugandan armed forces have intensified security operations across the country.

Annie Tabula

The latest information we have is that Security organs in Kampala have arrested and deported a Rwandan and French for allegedly spying and leaking Ugandan intelligence to certain people  abroad and that their  espionage had threatened the general security of the country. The duo has been identified as   Olivier Prentout from France and Annie Tabura, from neighboring Rwanda.   Ms Annie Bilenge Tabura worked as MTN’s general manager, Sales and Distribution, while Prentout served as Chief Marketing Officer MTN Uganda, a position he has held for the last three years. It is alleged that Ms Tabura had poor diplomatic relations with Rwanda and her former colonial master France while accusing the two of trying to destabilize security in Uganda

Police Press release

While addressing the nation about their deportation, ACP Polly Namaye revealed that the two were being investigated by security agencies in close coordination with immigration officials. In her statement, Namaye said the suspects were held over their ‘engagements in acts which compromise National Security.’ She said the police had established that the two used their positions at MTN Uganda to advance their mission, which she didn’t disclose. “We want to commend the Directorate of Immigration and citizenship control for strengthening the screening procedures at all border points,” Namaye said.


“We strongly believe that the deportation of the two foreigners, who were using their employment as tools to achieve their ill motives, has enabled us disrupt their intended plans of compromising our national security,” she added. This  however comes at a time when the General court martial is still trying more than six senior police officers over alleged espionage.


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