Update:”Police concedes first successful turning of fateful MV Templar upright”

Security authorities  at the Mutima Beach accident site have provided updates on the ongoing wreckage move out from the deep waters to the shores.Police and Army respective spokespersons have said they have completed the first phase of flipping MV Templar that had turned upside down after capsizing has been finished.

Addressing journalists from varoius media houses on the current progress of the operation, Uganda Police’s AIGP Asuman Mugenyi together with Brig.Michael Nyarwa, the UPDF commander in charge of marine have said as the operation begun, they set a number of targets to be followed before accomplishing it.

“Initially, our first target was to get wreckage out of water and be able to recover the missing persons and we have succeeded in turning the wreckage,”Mugenyi said.

Elaborating more on the operation Mugenyi added that the boat had turned upside down and it was difficult for them to drag it out of the deep waters in such a state.

“We had to restore it to a position that would enable towing it either by using a rope or using a ferry to pull it.”

According to authorities, they are now looking at using ropes and earth moving equipment to see the wreckage is pulled to the shores of the lake for investigations to continue.

Mugenyi said divers will now try to check through the wreckage to see if there are any bodies and property still trapped in it before it is pulled to the shore.

He added that so far they have got only four reports of missing persons including Sylivia Namutebi, Peter Kakooza, Godfrey Musisi and Andrew Ssenyonga from their relatives.


The police director in charge of investigations said investigations into the accident will continue and witnesses will be summoned to record statements.

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