Video:”Boat Cruise Survivor Narrates the painful Ordeal”

A boat carrying a group of Ugandan revelers on Saturday evening capsized, killing approximately 60 people.

News coming in indicates the group that left Port bell Luzira aboard a boat belonging to a one Templar who offers boat cruise services, and were headed to Mutima Island on Lake Victoria.

However, as they sailed, the boat was wrecked by weight, breaking into two and pouring its contents in the lake.

Our reporters have been able to have an interview moment with one of the survivors that happened to be rescued from the gruesome incident.



Uganda Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima confirmed the accident in a journalist’s WhatsApp group.

“Yes it is true, Marine is handling the tragedy,” Kayima said.

“Our marine unit teams have rescued over 40 people alive. Ten confirmed dead. The rescue mission is still on to find others,” he added

Several sources report that among the people aboard the boat is; Buganda Prince David Wasajja, and RnB singer Iryn Namubiru.


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