Video:”Plain Clothed Officers Ruthlessly Beat Up Civilian Today In Kampala City Centre”

A ruthless torture video which has gone viral over the social media is leaving us asking our selves questions ,Are we safe??

The video consists of men clothed in plain civilian clothing and are ruthlessly beating up this man in an antagonizing manner.After which they put him a taxi and drive him away.

Now look at this, and you go ahead to say we chase away tourists from coming to Uganda when we post negatively about our motherland. Tell me how you want us to handle this? I want those who were here during Obote’s regime to correct me, did you ever see this happening in broadday light?

Posted by Kakensa Media on Thursday, October 18, 2018

Police and the army have always been criticized for being involved in brutal and ruthless treatment of the civilian community.More To Come keep await.

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