We are coming For You: Museveni Threatens To Capture Tom Voltaire Okwalinga And the Rest

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president museveni vs tom volataire okwalinga

Speaking during the burial of the deceased legislator, Museveni said he has heard and seen a lot of statements in regards to the murder and a number of other issues in the country but said he could not allow such to continue.

“We need to control this ‘kelele’(noise) of fools on radio and social media. We need strong laws and if it means legislation, we can do it,”Museveni said on Monday afternoon.

On the issue of security deterioration that a number of people have alluded to  since the recent increase in  kidnaps and murders, Museveni said there is no big issue but rather a few loose ends that need to be tightened for the situation to return to normal.

He equated the situation to a needle that falls in a heap of rubbish, adding that it does not need a battalion of soldiers but just a metal detector to find it before being removed.

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You bring few to look for the needle but also control the propaganda.

“An assassin is like a needle in a stack of hay. One does not need to bring many soldiers to look for the needle, all you need to get a metal detector but also control propaganda,”Museveni said.

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President Museveni has said government will soon start crackdown on a number of people doing what he termed as ‘kelele’(noise) using a number of platform including social media and radios.

In the wake of the brutal murder of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga on Friday, a number of people have made insinuations over the circumstances and motive of the murder for the vocal NRM legislator.

There have also been a number of pictures including a yellow coffin made in mockery of Abiriga’s love for the ruling NRM party.

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