Weasel Manizo: I get threatening messages everyday, but i won’t die even though you want me dead

In an interview conducted with the singer at kamokya based NBS television here are Weasel Manizo’s words

-I will fight for Moze’s Children,
-I will fight for my brothers property.
-I will not let Mozes children suffer by letting family steal his children’s property.
-Moze didnt work for family he worked for his children
-I get threatening messages everyday, but i wont die even though u want me dead
– you the fans cant say you loved Radio much more than i did
– Angel Music was a company formed by radio to take care of all the music he wrote for other people. The company is under goodlyf
– Yall who are trying to copy or be like the late moze radio should re discover urselves. Be you
– This industry has alot of presure but ill kip keeping on.
– Goodlyfe is company with just one shareholder left. Chagga and all the others are not shareholders they are just Buisness partners


words of Weasel Ma Nizo

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