Why Sheilah Gashumba Is Working Hard To Impress Her Online Followers

Thin Pencil sized TV Star Sheila Gashumba has been one of the most trending personalities in the last few weeks because  her relationship with a renown robber, Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan.

After so much criticism from the online community, Sheilah  resorted to doing good to impress them. This has been through exhibiting her cooking skills and sharing motivational quotes.

Sheilah wants to prove to her followers that she is no longer a girl who jumps from one man to another. She needs their support in case things go wrong.


She is also trying to convince her followers to pressurise God’s Plan not to have a second thought of returning to his family, but instead make it official with her.

Sheilah is a typical Kampala girl who loves money and cannot afford to move an inch way from the super rich former robber.


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