Witch-Doctor Who Sued Kadaga For 200M Charm Withdraws Case, Apologizes For His Actions

As international women’s day celebration wrap up ,speaker Rebecca Kadaga must be in a jubilant mood if the news has reached her ears.The witch-doctor who recently sued her over failure to pay him for the charms that he gave to Kadaga that allegedly helped her rise to higher positions has withdrawn the case.

Damiano Akuze during the earlier court hearings at the Jinja High Court narrated that Kadaga’s prominent rise to big political positions was as a result the charms he gave her since 1991 but accused her of failure to pay for the services rendered to her.

However after several discussions ,through withdrawal notice dated March 7, Akuze has backtracked and withdrawn the case saying he is no longer interested in pursuing it.

“I have voluntarily without any duress or coercion reconsidered my position and wholeheartedly withdraw the same against the defendant (Kadaga), “Akuze said in his notice to the Jinja High Court.

“I pray to withdraw the aforementioned matter with a prayer that no orders to costs be made.”

The traditional healer was also quick to say that he has not been influenced, neither has he been paid by anyone to withdraw the case but rather did it on his own will.

AKUZE Apologises To Kadaga

“I also regret that the said case has tarnished your good and honoured reputation that you have earned for a long period of time. I take responsibility for my unreasonable action and I really regret the same. I am really sorry mama. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me,”Akuze said

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