“You deserve it”- Zari Hassan laughs at depressed Don Zella

It looks like the old beef between city socialites Nalongo Sheila Don Zella and Zarina Tlale aka Zari Hassan is not going to be ending very soon as they are even resurrecting the old beef even in their hardest times.

Sheila Don Zella came out earlier and went live on her Facebook page, crying out her heart and cursing at the world and people close to her for bring hypocrites. She also revealed how much she is depressed but it looks like this doesn’t mean a thing to Zari Hassan.

Zari has went to her Snapchat under the handle of The Boss Lady and she posted a harsh message predicted to be directing to Don Zella. In this post Zari laughs at how karma always goes around.

She reminds Don Zella of how much she used to mock her when Zari lost her ex-husband and her mother when their beef was still at it’s peak.

Read Zari’s post below:

Zari Hassan laughs at Don Zella
Zari Hassan laughs at Don Zella

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